Saturday, 21 January 2012

Reworked vintage Levi's

I love nothing more than putting my own stamp on clothing. At the moment studs and any type of embellishment are my new crush. i own a young ladies fashion store with my dear friend Tara. We stock a mixture of vintage, high street and occassion wear. Recently we have started to rework vintage Levis by cutting them and studding them. We have many plain Levis in store, customer comes in and tries them on, when the customer decides on which pair they like best, we then go about customising them in studs of their choice. Various denims and studs available. Feedback from our younger customers has been great , apparently these shorts are being sold online else where for up to an astonishing $200. We are selling them for €55. Here are some images of recent finished products sold to some very happy customers.

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