Monday, 28 May 2012

Arm Candy is where it's at

For as long as I can remember i have been obsessed with studded jewellery. Lately I am absolutely loving stacked bracelets, stacked rings, stacked necklaces .....basically stacked jewellery of any sort (of course studded is an added bonus). This trend is amazing and can completely transform your look in an instant. I particularly love this look with a contrasting look..... paired with a pretty dress and leather jacket. I am a huge fan of clashing looks, where different styles and textures help make a look seem less obvious than what the majority of people would wear. There is one rule to be aware of when wearing stacked bracelets, if you are pair shaped (your hips are noticeably larger than your upper body) opt for more delicate stacked bracelets as opposed to over sized bangles, otherwise your hips will look considerable larger. Stylishly Yours Josie xxx