Tuesday, 27 December 2011

My very own embellished collars orders have now been placed in LA,Latvia,London,Canada,Indiana & Ireland :)

anyone who knows me knows that i have a little style obsession to say the least and lately my style crush is embellished collars. These are amazing, they completely change an otherwise plain outfit. they are set to be a huge fashion accessory in 2012 and beyond. I have recently launched my very own and am thrilled to say the the ladies I have made them for love them just as much as I do. These collars are made to suit personal budgets and can be made in any material or embellishment requirements. if you would like a customised collar please do not hesitate in contacting me at info@josiemccannon.com or monamiefashions@hotmail.com Word is spreading and orders have recently been placed in Belfast, LA, Canada, London & Indiana :) The power of the internet :)


  1. Fab Josie hun, so so happy with mine :)


  2. Hi!! I am visiting your blog after you visited me earlier! Thanks for following me! I am absolutely in love with these collars! YOu do an amazing job! I'm so impressed!!! I am following you now as well, and look forward to more posts from you!! Check out some of my work whenever you get a second. I'm a jewelry designer and just started after 3 years of teaching myself and would love some feedback. I only have a Facebook page for now since I am just starting, so I will leave my link here if you are interested in looking! xx



  3. very beautifoul collar, so original! thanks for your visit on my blog and for your sweet comment, also I like your blog, Now I am happy to be your follower , I hope you will want to follow me on google friends connect and also on facebook
    http://keepintouchwithfashion.blogspot.com/ have a good day... keep in touch ....

  4. Hey! Thanks for the comment on my blog! Your collars are FABULOUS!! Are you planning on selling any? I'd def be interested! And def a follow back for you!!

  5. AHH! Love the collars and the embellishments! The one with the leopard trim is screaming my name!

  6. i like your blog!!

  7. thank you all for the lovely comments. these collars are made to order and in budgets to suit everyone . :) xxxxx sincere thanks to you all

  8. this is beautiful

    thanks for stopping by my blog, hope you return soon

  9. it's beautifull, well done you are very creative.... Following you now. I hope you will follow me back.

  10. That collar's gorgeous! thanks for your sweet comment!
    Following you <3

  11. Amazing collars; they're definitely all the rage right now. (:

  12. that collar is just beautiful! lovely blog and happy new year!

    Monyka xox

  13. Oh I love it.Happy new year!!
    xoxo Sabrina
    I follow you now!

  14. These collars are just amazing, beautiful job ;) And if it's not a secret, how much they cost?
    Hey, and it would be great if you could visit my blog and follow if you like it! I'd be glad to do the same for you!
    ♥ Eliza http://elizaelizabete.blogspot.com

  15. They are amazing! :)
    I follow you ;)


  16. These are gorgeous! I'm a huge fan of embellished collars. Going to email you now :)

    Georgie <3